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Triumph Speed Triple

Welcome to my S3 page. Here you can follow the progression of a used S3 running rather badly to a sorted and well tuned bike. The project is based through the ability to map the Kiehin injection through Tune Boy. This was primarily why this bike was chosen. Also because I happen to think it's the coolest bike on the planet.

Step One

Buy a Speed Triple and dyno test the bike.

First step was to dyno test the bike.

The Before Dyno Chart. At 8000 RPM, the bike ran very poorly and so rich. 81 Horsepower.

The After Dyno Chart. This was after removing all the water dammed up in the plug towers in the head. New plugs and a new air cleaner. Strange enough, I also loaded the original map back into the bike. No more Triumph "Sports Map".

Step Two

I noticed when I put the air filter in. The intakes to the air box were tiny. Just like a Ducati Multi Strada. This is done mainly to curb intake noise so the next step will be to open this up and look for a few horse power on top. Some pics will be added. Stay tuned for more.


Bike was so much fun. Should have done this sooner. But the suspension is awful. In between modifications to the motor I am going to sort out the suspension. Once again. For the street and with as many of the original parts. Not going to buy an Ohlinís shock. Thatís just too easy.

More Dyno Info.

I have some interesting data, Today I mapped an S4R (Ducati with a 996 motor) . I thought some you may be interested in the Ducati performs (on the dyno) against a Triumph 1050. Itís good stuff because the Ducati has aftermarket pipes (Arrow), as does the Triumph. And airboxes on each machine were stock.

The red trace is the 1050 Triumph.
Purple the Ducati.
Green is the Triumph 955 speed triple.

Air Box Mod

Ok here goes my intake mod. We do this on a lot of bikes. Most respond well, but some just a little. In general, smaller motors respond least of all. In this case, I had a suspicion that the S3 air box intake opening was a little small. To be honest, after I opened it up, it was not as bad as I thought.

Of course, always anxious to improve a good thing, I went ahead and made the airbox mod while I had everything apart. The mod consists of cutting a two inch hole into the front of the box. This is cleaned and trimmed. The Exhaust emision air actuator is disconnected and moved out of the way. We then assemble the bits, and (like all the mods we do) then we test on the dyno.

If you don't map 7k thru 9500 rpm you will gain nothing,at least with the stock map. If your machine is already rich (as mine was when I got it) then you are ok. Actually, that's not entirely true, since my bike was so rich nothing could help it except the correct fueling map. Please note some ignition mods were also made. Unless you know what you are doing, I would not recommend you playing about with the ignition.

It took a long time (12 dyno load tests through 9,500 rpms). Although, I am pleased with the results, they did not quite meet my expectations. I would like to say that each bike would have to be dyno'd correctly to see the full potetial.