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Metric Motorcycles is Andy Marcer. Andy first started working on motorcycles as a kid, initially just pulling them apart. A few years later, when he started putting them back together again, he realized he had a talent for this sort of thing.

Andy graduated from Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in 1989, training which he holds in the highest regard. MMI was a place where professionals taught the basics and the engineering behind engines and motorcycles; they inspired a fundamental understanding of the subject matter that remains relevant even for today’s most advanced, modern machines. Of course, living, breathing, and thinking about motorbikes for the past twenty years helps, too.

Andy has worked on just about everything. He has motocrossed and road raced his own hand-built super single motorcycles. Along the way, he developed a liking for four-wheelers (i.e. ATVs). He enjoys working on ATVs and mudding a great deal—but would rather leave cleanup to someone else.

To really appreciate Andy’s work, one needs only to stop by the shop or to speak to one of his customers. His facility is neat, clean, and well-equipped; no expense has been spared in procuring the best gear available. As for Metric’s customers, they value Andy’s work so greatly that they refuse to entrust their bikes to anyone else.