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Our hands are currently covered in oil. Instead of calling, please kindly send us an e-mail regarding your inquiry. Remember to include the make and model of your machine, as well as your contact information.

Before You Contact Us, Please Keep in Mind

  • Our preferred contact method is via e-mail. We care about our customers, but unfortunately we receive many calls from solicitors—so many, in fact, that it becomes a significant distraction from our work. So please, use your judgement and call us only in those rare circumstances in which e-mail won’t work.
  • We are NOT a parts supplier. We source parts as part of specific service assignments, but we do NOT sell parts directly to the public. Please do not call us to ask if we will sell you a part.

Please note that our business hours are by appointment only.



We’re in the process of getting new phone service. In any case, our preferred contact method is via e-mail.


620 W 27th St
Houston, TX 77008