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Motard restoration


Wheels and tires are what make these Motards different from just regular dual sports. When time came for my wheels, I decided to use a Honda F3 front wheel. This way I could use the 295 mm street bike floating rotor. The difficult part was machining the caliper carrier. I made it out of the thickest billet piece I had in the shop, that way I knew I would get full performance from the brake.

The rear wheel was a lot easier, 4.25 inch rim laced to the stock CRF hub and I was done. Tire choice was Avon and I decided on a 120\60\17 and a 150\60\17. The bike is an absolute blast to ride on whichever wheel you choose.

After the first track day it was obvious that the gearing was not correct. With the smallest back sprocket and the largest front I was still way off. Next step would have to be a wide ratio transmission. With this modification and a bunch of sprockets I hope the gearing will finally be sorted out.

Well finally we tested the WIDE RATIO tranny , it has transformed the bike into a pleasure to ride. Now I can finally use the potential of this wonderful Honda engine. It was so good, I only got to ride it once. Yuliya staked claim to it the rest of the day.

I think the bike, as well as being a crazy blast to ride, also played a role in helping Yuliya get back up to speed after a horrific high side at Cresson last year. Well, I was behind her and it looked horrific to me!