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Proper oil pressure on a GSX1300 drag bike engine

October 19th, 2013

Andy Marcer

One of our customers needed to obtain the correct oil pressure reading for his screamingly-fast GSX1300 Suzuki Hayabusa. In particular, he needed an accurate reading for the highly-customized and tuned engine’s connecting rods—the goal being to ensure they were correctly lubricated during its brief, but highly punishing, runs.

The typical approach has been to tap into the hydraulic cam chain tensioner lubrication point. After some study, however, we determined that the oil pressure here is bled down by the oil feed to the transmission and heads. Therefore, the reading wouldn’t be sufficiently accurate for this application.

An alternative was to tap into the bottom access hole closer to the connecting rods. Unfortunately, this machine’s particular configuration would force electrical wiring into its sidewinder exhaust. At this point, we could try calling all of the hydraulics distributers we know, explaining that we have an 18.0 X 1.5 mm access hole and need a 90 degree angle to a 1/8 NPT standard thread; all within an overall length of 50mm. But that option was basically out of the question because no one was going to have those parts lying in inventory.

One could say that I have too much machining tools on hand, but I prefer to view my equipment and knowledge of how to design and create with them as allowing me to formulate options where none existed. In this instance, I added some billet alloy and made the necessary part. Here’s a few photos to show how it went.

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