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Custom Engine Work

Metric Motorcycles and ATV’s offers the latest technology in cylinder head and cylinder service. The most advanced equipment is used to provide the best quality multi angle and radius valve seat machining in the industry.

Work is carried out on state of the art T&S seat and guide machine. T&S is the original design for all major brands of precision head machines available. They are the ones who pioneered the ball drive used on Serdi’s and Sunnen machines.

Heads are then ported and polished and surfaced to perfection with Metric PCBN fly cutting system. Valves are UN shrouded providing increased flow around the back of the valve.

Seats can be replaced with high precision to ensure excellent thermal conductivity to the head. Different choices of seat material are also available to ensure the correct cushion effect. Copper beryllium seats for Titanium valves are also available. High lift and long duration cams can be installed and degreed and, of course, piston-to-valve clearances verified. Multi angle seat and radius seats where applicable are machined to exact depths to ensure the perfect valve job.

Cylinders can be bored and honed to perfection either for stock service or high compression applications.

Prices vary from model to model; please feel free to email us with specifics of your machine. I will gladly send you and accurate estimate.