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TEXA Interface

Today’s modern motorcycles (and even many of those from the past few decades) offer a great deal of information, diagnostics, and modifiable settings via their onboard computers. The trouble is that the special interface required to access all of these features is expensive—so expensive, in fact, that few independent shops are willing to buy it, and even fewer are willing to pay the yearly subscription to keep that interface up to date.

Metric Motorcycles has invested in a state-of-the-art TEXA interface that can access the computer on all makes and models of motorcycles. We also pay the yearly subscription fee, which gives us access to the most recent models. Furthermore, TEXA provides a network of information about common maintenance issues for each bike, aggregating information from mechanics around the world.

The end result is an ideal independent mechanic that can tell you exactly what’s going on with your bike if—for example—a check engine light or service indicator has illuminated. Additionally, we can modify performance-related settings on certain models (e.g. BMW). And we can do all this without feeling pressure to protect the manufacturer.